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About Us


Ga3da is a social and commercial network for people who support our ban on all pornographic and indecent media to insure a safer and cleaner way of socializing and sharing.


Ga3da is a collection of best features available in most social platforms All in one


Ga3da has an additional feature never to be used on any of other social networks .


We give to our Users a new way to communicate in different languages without the need of understanding all other languages by using Google Translation API for translating automatically any conversation to the language selected by the user.


We provide to all our users a wide angle to share their data without limit and giving them the ability to make it private .

Ga3da is not only a social network but it is also a commercial network which gives all users the ability to sell their products on a marketplace inside the website and more than that giving them the opportunity  to promote  their products .

Ga3da messenger is an independent application used  for chatting  and make audio &  video calls between all users and friends which makes all our users comfortable to stay in the same social network.